PIB Butyl Tape

It is polysubutylen based,one component,it has high adhesive,impermeability and long life feature. It is produced as black and grey colours and variety of shapes,dimensions. It has superior features a chemical compenent. PIB Butyl Tape is used for special product prodiction and mounting to meet every kind of isolation needs such as; Automotive,building,white,goods,energy, pipelines ship and yatch production industry,cable,silo etc...

Production can be made in desired thickness and width.

  • It is used for impermeability processes.
  • It provides vibration and isolation.
  • Can be used for heat and electric isolation.
  • It is suitable to fill in holls and open gaps.
  • It prevents axidation.
  • It is ideal for cable connections and isolation.
  • It takes shape easily as it has elastic feature.
  • It protects it's feature for years.
  • Application is easy.
  • It is oderless and non-imflammable.
  • It doesn't leave stain in hands.