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About Erpasan Ltd.

Erpasan has been founded in 2003. We have been manufacturing plastic, metal and chemicals for the qualified glass manufacturers at glass and building industry.

Since year 2010, PIB Butyl Tape started to be used widely at building, automotive, energy, ship building and major appliance industry. Erpasan was branded on the name of Butyl Sealant and became a major solution partner of the companies at this industries.


What is PIB Butyl, where is it used?

Butyl tapes

It is polysubutylen based, one component, it has high adhesive, impermeability and long life feature. It is produced as black and grey colours and variety of shapes,dimensions. It has superior features a chemical compenent.

PIB Butyl Tape is used for special product production and mounting to meet every kind of isolation needs such as; Automotive, building, white goods, energy, pipelines, ship and yacth production industry, cable, silo etc.

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